Thursday, September 04, 2008

Missionary letter from Ryan received September 4, 2008

Here is another letter from Ryan dated 8/31/2008:

Hey family,

we are very busy here so far I have learned to testify and pray in spanish. Things are going well and I am having so much fun. The Spirit is so strong here and Thank you so much for the help you have given me and all the guidance. Mi testimonio en espanol es:

Se que la inglesia de Jesu Cristo es verdadero. Se que Jose Smith es un profeta de dios. Se que Thomas s. Monson es profeta verdadero y viveinte. En el nombre de Jesu Cristo Amen

Love you all,


First Email from Elder Frost

Our first email from the MTC came today. It is exciting that Ryan's companion reminds him of Jordan since Jordan is one of Ryan's favorite people.

hey mom,we are allowed to have email in the MTC. just wanted to say hi and
ask how you are doing i probobly won't be able to read it till next thursday but
even then. things are going well here and i am learning a lot of spanish. My
Companion's name is elder Bell he is from southern California and he reminds me
a lot of Jordan in many ways. you will need to tell me how your appointment
turns out. hope your okLove, Ryan

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Missing friends from afar...

Occasionally there are things that cause me to stop and reflect about friends we have been blessed to know. Over the past few weeks I have been thinking about many friends back in Tennessee. The Cannon's, the McLaughlins, the Wallaces, the Jeagers, the Marquis', the Moek's and so many more. I find myself looking at our majestic mountains and missing the green of the Johnson City area. If I had the ward directory for the Johnson City ward I would like to think that I would be better at keeping in contact, but that along with several other important items were lost amid the move here; and if I were completely honest... I stink at writing snail mail.
I look back on the time in Johnson City as a special time for personal growth and strengthening. I have been so blessed. There are many in Johnson City who directly impacted my children's growth. While I know that moving to Utah was the right thing to do and it has helped some members of my family beyond mere words there are so many people and experiences there that will always hold a special place in my heart.

Ryan's first letter home August 28, 2008

Dear Mom and Dad, and everyone else of course,

Things are good here. Getting settled in and doing well. My companion
is Elder Bell. I just wanted to write to tell you not to worry and that I am
doing good. I will write to you on my next p-day which is next Thursday.

Love you all,

Happenings of the week...

It's funny how little seeds that are planted bring forth some surprising fruits....
I suppose a bit of history will help to explain the situation. When we moved to Utah from Tennessee York had been told that he would be receiving a transfer to IKON's Salt Lake Office. 1 week before the transfer York received a call that informed him that IKON had lost a major account and that the transfer was off. A name was mentioned as someone who might be hiring, but no particulars were offered. Karen got busy and found the person and the company he worked for. It turned out that the original company that York worked for (Automated Business Products) that had been bought up by IKON had reformed under the name Associated Business Products and they jumped at the chance to hire York.
Fast forward almost 2 years....
One of York's old friends/former boss heard that York was back and working at ABP. That friend called several times and offered York a significant raise and other options if he would come over to IKON. He stated that York could have pretty much whatever he wanted. York was very tempted, but after we discussed it, fasted and prayed about it and really looked at what was important to us we thanked him but told him we were not interested. York made sure to let Todd (his supervisor at ABP) know what was going on so that he did not hear it from someone else. York told Todd that we felt very strongly that ABP had been good to us and that we valued loyalty. Todd expressed his appreciation at our decision to stay with ABP despite the fact that ABP could not offer us the financial enticements that IKON had nor the moving opportunities across the country.
Fast forward to 4 months ago...
York's company was sold a few months ago to Ricoh. ABP has done such a good job and been so successful that Ricoh International purchased the company with the caveat that ABP train and continue to run things as they have been and help other acquired companies become successfully integrated with the Ricoh family while not loosing their identity in their respective marketplaces. This now opened up greater benefits and opportunities across the country for moving without loosing tenure or other benefits. What a blessing!
Fast forward to last week....
This was the unexpected fruits of prayer. Ricoh bought IKON for 1.6 Billion dollars. This acquisition will increase Ricoh's machine base...yada yada yada...but the true answer for us came in the fact that our Heavenly Father knows each of us and wants what is best for us. If York had taken the IKON position offered it would have seriously complicated his ability to work with the new structure. His integrity would have been questioned and his ability to be trusted would have been diminished. This was evident in the day following the IKON being bought announcement when more than a few co-workers, his immediate supervisor, Todd, and one of the owners of ABP stated, "Aren't you glad you didn't go over to IKON?". York had only spoken with Todd regarding the IKON offer; many of the others had heard of the offer from associates at IKON.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

With a new missionary out and life changing rapidly York and I have decided to do a better job of keeping up with this blog. We have had one for 4 years now and have not used it much, but we will strive to do a better job.

York and Karen

Ryan and Dalton leave for their missions

Today Ryan and Elder Pool left for their respective missions. Ryan is going to the Oklahoma City Spanish speaking Mission. Elder Pool is going to the Ogden Utah Mission. York and I went to the MTC today to drop them off. Both of them were excited. Ryan was a bit nervous, but the excitement and the spirit of the MTC was infectious (in a good way!).
There were many relatives there with tears in their eyes and some who were truly sobbing. For York and I it was a joy to see Ryan achieve a lifetime goal. The personal growth and maturing that has taken place over the past 18 months has been incredible. Ryan will be missed in our home, however the joy that comes from knowing he is serving the Lord is amazing.
As both Elder Frost and Elder Pool departed for the Missionary door to the right of the chapel they were positivly glowing. They were focused on the future and ready for their big adventures to start.
Elder Ryan Montieth Frost
MTC Mailbox # 259
OK-OKL 1027
2005 N. 900 E.
Provo, Utah 84604-1793
(unit 27 October 2008)
Elder Dalton Pool
MTC Mailbox #99
UT-OGD 0916
2005 N. 900 E.
Provo, Utah 84604-1793
(until 16 September 2008)

Saturday, December 25, 2004

Frosty daze...

York’s days start with a paper route at 4:20 AM. His customers enjoy having one of the most efficient carriers that the Johnson City Press has. He has received positive accolades from the president of the Press. York’s skills are often called upon by other areas such as Knoxville and Ashville to solve problems they are at a loss to remedy. York has been busy at church implementing the new Windows based system at church. Training leaders to not expect blank checks and such has had some stressful moments, but most of them are learning. Fishing still happens for York. He brings home some beautiful brown trout and rainbow trout. He has taken up fly fishing as well as “regular” fishing. He has actually helped out with the fishing merit badge as well as helping some local old timers to learn some new tricks (tricks that actually catch fish!)

Karen has been attending classes online as well as working in the local school district. She has been volunteering for the local Red Cross chapters as an instructor in CPR, AED, First Aid, Workplace training, Wilderness Survival First Aid, Disease Transmission, CPR PRO, Life Guarding, and as a National Disaster Worker. Karen is the paid instructor in the Mountain Empire Chapter. She is also active with Boy Scouts of America on a council, district and unit level. She is Wood Badge Staff, Pow Wow Chairman, Day Camp director, Unit Commissioner, District Training Chairman, District Good Turn for America Chairman, Roundtable Staff, and committee member. School finished up in August of 2005. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with minors in: Organizational leadership and Oganizational Mangement, Communications, Public Relations, Marketing, Cultural Diversity, and Learning and Teaching. It has been a real privilege to be able to take twenty one hours a semester and continue to keep up with the other activities, doing online classes and taking tests at 2 AM make it work! Karen is hoping to get a position with BSA as a professional scouter after graduation. Working at Jamboree and reconecting with friends from years gone by was an amazing experience this summer. The events of Jamboree were incredible. As of now Karen is headed off to the hurricane disaster for three weeks...

Nicole is doing very well in school at BYU. She loves being a resident advisor (RA) and helping the new students to acclimate to BYU. Some of Nicole’s enjoyment comes from getting to have Sunday dinner with her cousin Quinn, who in Nicole’s words is, “a really cool guy”. It is great that she has taken the opportunity to spend time with Quinn. {Note from Karen: It has been said that wise men learn from their mistakes…even wiser men learn from other’s mistakes… here is a lesson learned - We didn’t take enough time to spend with family when we lived close enough to do so. BIG MISTAKE…know family, enjoy family, find common ground and plant seeds of love…} Nicole’s boyfriend Nate (Great guy…I got to meet him and his family when I went to Utah for 3 days with my mom to surprise Nicole. He and his family are wonderful) is serving a mission in The Czech Republic. Nicole’s majors are History Teaching and Physics Teaching. She plans to start teaching in the fall of 2007. Nicole loves Utah and the social environment there.

Emily is enjoying her first year at BYU. School is going well. In 2004 Emily was one of 22 students out of the entire state of Tennessee chosen to attend Governor’s school for perspective teachers. She spent five weeks in Chattanooga at the University of Chattanooga Tennessee learning to write lesson plans, working with disabled students, field placement classroom teaching, and lived with other high school seniors. She found out that sisters may be annoying, but some roommates are obnoxious! She had done peer tutoring in 2004 and has found that while she has great talent in the area of teaching that it may not be something she wants to pursue for a career. Getting very good grades, seminary, being voted “the nicest girl” from her high school classmates, working everyday at an elementary school day care program, serving at church, writing a missionary in Germany, and getting ready to go to college kept Emily quite busy before she headed off to BYU, but those activities also prepared her for the whirlwind of activities she is experiencing there.

Ryan is finishing up his Eagle. He spent a couple of weeks this past summer running the Science and Nature area of the District Cub Scout Day Camp. Between keeping his grades up, helping with the classes at church and getting his own website going he has been busy. While Ryan still enjoys Star Wars and knows thousands of odd trivia facts (Nate also shared and enjoyed before leaving on his mission) having to do with Star Wars he has become interested in Ancient History and Civilizations. Ryan also helped Karen with some of her CPR and First Aid Training sessions for the Citizen’s Police Academy. Next semester’s classes lined up are: Latin, Modern History Honors, Chemistry Honors, English Honors, Algebra II Honors.

Ashley is enjoying her first year of high school, here that is eighth grade. She has made some interesting friends and some really good friends. It has been fun getting to meet these girls as they come to some of the Young Women activities. This past summer Ashley was over the Craft section for the Buffalo Mountain District Cub Scout Day Camp. She did a wonderful job working with the cub scouts and the adult leaders. She has been invited back to be over Crafts again. Ashley is recovering from a knee injury and will hopefully be up to full speed by summer. Ashley is getting to experience “Shop”, drama, art and all her other core classes this next semester. Ashley will be receiving her Young Women Recognition Award and medallion in the next two months.

Jared is in a middle school with 2500 + students. He has been on the honor roll and received citizenship recognition. Jared has also progressed in scouting. He is working towards finishing up his first class. Jared got to attend Scout Camp this summer and successfully recruited a friend to join the troop. Jared recently finished Den Chief training through a council sponsored class. Jared’s friends have been a kick to have around and they have a similar sense of humor…

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